Question from dmbsw61380

Asked: 2 years ago

Can't find relic at X:561.4 and Y:625.8?

The relic Im having trouble with is just east of Citra's Temple and at coordinates???

X - 561.4

Y - 625.8

I can quite easily find the structure the relic is in. However, if your standing in front of the structure, looking directly at it, there is a spot to climb up on the right side, but then no way that I can tell to transition from there, over to the left side, across a little bridge, to where the relic is.

I've had zero problems finding any other relics, but this has become quite the annoyance. Im sure its something stupid Im missing. Thanks for any help.

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From: rein2012 2 years ago

Use a grenade or c4 to blow open where you climb up.

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Do you know the number of the artifact?

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As mentioned by rein2012, you must first blow open the barrier on the right side.

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