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Does anybody know how to unlock the p416?

Does anybody know when the p416 assault get unlocked in the game?

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JulieSu answered:

It's unlocked once you reach south island. If you want it for free you need to activate 15 radio towers (which is impossible until you actually reach south island).
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tqwen answered:

Hard to answer this without giving away something, but about 3/5 of the way through the game another section of the map is unlocked. Not long after this happens, the P416 and a bunch of other (excellent) weapons are unlocked. I made a habit of unlocking all the radio towers, so the unlocks may or may not be tied to them, I'm not sure. All i know is that not long after the new area was unlocked, there were about 8 or 9 new weapons available to be purchased/earned.
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nefariousbig answered:

The P416 (like all the other weapons in the game, except the Signature Weapons) is unlocked for free after completing a certain number of radio towers, or for purchase once you've reached the Southern Island. Once you've completed all 15 radio towers, the Bushman ( a Signature, upgraded version of the P416) will be available to buy.
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Tyler_NinjaCat answered:

After first mission n south island, just pick it up off a dead privateer and it will be free without doing the radio towers or wasting your money.
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