Question from wickedmoose306

How do you copy and paste in the map editor?

In FC2 you could build something, select all, and then copy and paste it to othe areas of your map. I can't figure out how to do this in FC3. I can select multiple items, but a cant see where to copy them.

Hopefully somebody can help...


weapon_d00d816 answered:

There are 2 ways. One way is to do "Edit Objects (2D)" and widen the radius to select multiple objects and clone them with RS.

The other way is to use the "Select Objects" tool and select each individual object. Make sure you have the slider set to "multiple". Then you can go into Edit Objects mode and clone them with RS.
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Tyler_NinjaCat answered:

Go to the option to select it (move it around/spin/tilt) and press LS

for me that seems to be the reason why map editor always freezes.
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