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*SPOILER* How did Jason survive?

In the mission where you assault Vaas' island, at the end you get stabbed in the stomach by the man himself. Jason simply pulls out the knife, and then goes on to kill Vaas during the weird battle afterwards. But my question is, how did Jason survive being stabbed in the stomach?


ArkhamInmate9 answered:

He doesn't thrust the knife into his stomach. He kind of jabs him, possibly "injecting" him with a hallucination-based drug. That's why it's all trippy when you fight him.
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Solidsnakex18 answered:

There is no set "right" answer for this question but the theory arrkhaminmate said is a good one. Another possible theory is that Jason is imagining it or recounting the story falsely. The devs make it pretty clear in the main knife fights (especially the last one) that Jason is either lying or not all there during these events. I don't know how far you are into the story so I won't say anymore because I don't want to spoil anything.
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COKE2 answered:

Well if he got stabbed in the gut...thats a suriveable wound. it can take a while to die from a gut shot/stab. if he got stabbed in the heart...yeah he'd be dead right there but with a gut stab it can take up to a day to expire from that.
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xSeekerofTruthx answered:

Being wounded in the gut does give you a little time. But all the same, you are probably going to die from that wound. Any tear in the lining of the stomach, intestines or bowels can cause sepsis and infection. Also bleeding into any of those organs is 90% fatal. Also, the kidneys, liver and pancreas are in that general area and trauma to those organs is usually fatal.
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