(create your own question)What happens if you go with your friends at the end of the game?

  1. What happens if you go with your friends at the end of the game?

    User Info: mtmdevil

    mtmdevil - 3 years ago



    Well if you go with your friends, aka saving your friends you and them go on the boat that Daisy has been repairing. At the ending credits you can see the boat at the right with them leaving. Jason left because of what happened in Rook Island. And Dennis is probably mad at Jason so he was forced to leaves anyway. They go back to California where they go to there families, Jason still scarred from the killings he'd done. Liza probably forgave him and Riley and Jason might've told there mom about Grant. They then lived on.

    User Info: AlexBrody

    AlexBrody - 3 years ago 0 0
  2. Same if you join citra.She will kill your friends and u will f**k her

    User Info: jj_darkrai

    jj_darkrai - 3 years ago 0 0

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