Question from GBP38

What is the best strategy for getting XP fast and easy?

i almost have all of my skills,tattoo is almost complete,outposts are almost all done and i need to find out another way to get xp??????HELP


Mixorz answered:

If you need to level up and have already completed all the quests and liberated all the outposts, then I would suggest relic hunting, and trials of the Rakyat. Relics give you 250 XP each, and trials have an XP reward if you score high enough.

I was maxed out before liberating all outposts but I found like 100 relics. If you need XP I would suggest relic hunting.
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NomadicPolecat answered:

I became max level at about the same time I finished the main story. The best and fastest way to earn xp and money is through the main story line in my opinion. I also found all letters of the lost, liberated all outposts, and found 60 relics by the time I finished the main story. Side quests like supply drops can give very good xp as well, if you'd rather not search for relics and such.
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xSeekerofTruthx answered:

My suggestion is to finish the outposts, just clear them all.
This unlocks a setting in the options>gameplay menu to "reset all outposts"
This brings all outposts back under pirate control. (obviously)
Then you can continue to kill pirates and rack up money and Xp to your heat's content.
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