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How can I get a Zipline/Glider Takedown after I beat the story?

The last achievement I need is a zipline/glider takedown, but I've already beaten the main story. Is there a simple way to get this without having to start a new game, or would it be easier to just make a second playthrough specifically for this achievement?


Chanfan02 answered:

What I did was reset the outposts in the menu and then tried to just find an outpost with a zip line or hill next to it. I found it to be very difficult and it took some time but it all comes down to good timing pretty much. Sorry for the vague answer, I just didn't find one easy way to do it. Good Luck!
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siege924 answered:

The area you infiltrate to rescue your girlfriend (with the beach and before the burning house) always has enemies. Try finding a hang glider, flying near the location, jumping and parachuting down to one of the enemies below you.
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