Question from spykewyndia

Asked: 2 years ago

Can you tell me how to use battle cry and loadout skills in offline co-op?

2 questions about the co-op.

1.) How do you activate your battle cry ability?

2.) Which skills correspond with the different load out classes? I see symbols, but I'm not sure what they mean. I'm specifically looking for the skill that adds health as you get kills.

Thanks a lot.

Accepted Answer

From: 1littlg8 2 years ago

To activate your battle cry ability, you must press LS and RS when it says so. (not sure if you unlock it at a certain level)

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Submitted Answers


I'm not too sure which skill your talking about, as I'm not too far in co-op mode, however i do know that you press the left and right stick in simultaneously to activate your battle cry ability. Can someone else answer the question about skills?

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