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Asked: 1 year ago

What animal am I hunting in Bow Hunt: Maneater?

Where am I to hunt this animal?

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I believe it is Nat's Repairs on the right side along the coast of the northern island.
The 'Maneater' is shark.

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As far as which shark, I don't think I ever figured it out really. I couldn't find any tell tale sign that the shark was different from the other 3-5 that are in the area. My best advice, as I thought this was the hardest of the rare animals to hunt, is to tag them all with your camera first, then head over to a nearby rock. You can lure them there by swimming and just eliminate all of them until you find the one you need. The problem is they MUST be surfaced or else you can not hit them with the bow.

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Its a bull shark

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