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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat the tiger with a bow? 2

Other Help Answers
Far Cry 3 "Vaas" what ethnicity is he? 0
I feel different while playing far cry 3 ? 0
Map Editor Xbox 360 - Road placement messed up? 0
Why I fail the Wanted Dead side missions even if I used a knife ? 0
(create your own question)What happens if you go with your friends at the end of the game? 2
Are bear skins and bear hides different? 1
Are there cut scenes in the game? 1
Controls setup (configuration) for xbox 360? 1
Does this game have co op? 2
Highest fast travel location on the map? 1
How can I get a Zipline/Glider Takedown after I beat the story? 2
How do i get other people in my car? 1
How do I sink objects in the map editor? 1
how do I unlock my weapon slots so that I have more than just one weapon? 1
How do you copy and paste in the map editor? 2
Map Help? 2
Night Sight not working? 1
Respawning, is it possible to be added through a patch? 3
Restarting, current level, weapons ? 2
Some way to get rid of the stupid right arm tattoo from the dlc? 1
Water fix? 1
Can you fast travel between islands? 2
Can you tell me how to use battle cry and loadout skills in offline co-op? 1
Do I get to play still? 1
Does far cry 3 have hd content download? 2
Does this game have....? 3
Freefalling 100m achievement? 4
Great white shark? 2
How do I sell items on xbox 360 version? 1
How do I unlock extra weapon slots? 1
How to cycle through more than 2 weapons? 2
I need help deciding between Far Cry 3 and Hitman: Absolution? 4
I need help NOW! Far Cry 3 or Dishonored? 4
Is this game really skyrim with guns like they say? 5
Punishment for dying? 2
Reaching Vaas' Island, please tell me this isn't a point of no return? 1
Skill point zoology 101? 1
So how does Map editor work? 3
Stealth in Game??? 5
Unlocking skill trees? 1
What does the "Take Picture" option do while using the camera? 1

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