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How do I make Obsidian?

Do I make a bucket, fill it with lava and then do the same with water.... then combine the two?

FF7Fan24 provided additional details:

I placed lava and then placed water on top but nothing happens..... :-( what do I do??

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Nintendude128 answered:

Place some lava, then dump water on it.
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G6_Likewise answered:

You have to put water on a block (such as cobblestone, for water to appear) after that every water that touches lava will either make cobblestone(10% chance) or Obsidian(90% chance) You can keep doing this every time you mine obsidian and lava is under it just repeat.
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Wizzy22 answered:

I read online somewhere that you must place the water on the lave source block (i.e. where all the rest of the lava is flowing from). You'll also need a diamond pick axe to harvest it.

For me, it worked just placing a bucket of water on lava, I think.
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hitenmitsurugix answered:

Water on the lava source block or vice versa.
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LordNeoBahamut answered:

Just get a bucket, fill it with lava, and pour the lava into water. It does not have to be a water source block.
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coolkatgamer answered:

I suggest getting a bucket of lava and empty it on water
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UndeadMags answered:

The water has to be still and make sure that you place it above. the elements could be mix up
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JoeyRevolver1 answered:

Step 1: Find a pool of still lava.
Step 2: Test to see how deep it is by placing gravel in it.
Step 3: Once you figure out its depth, wall off a small portion, and then pour water so it runs on top of the still lava.
Step 4: Use a Diamond Pickaxe to harvest each block. Use crouch to get close to the edge and catch it before it burns.

Repeat process until you have enough. Little time consuming, but it works very well for getting every single block.
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DrBink answered:

What ive done is a built a bucket, and if i find water and lava, i filled the bucket up with lava, and i emptied it onto the water, and obsidian formed.
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typhlo answered:

When water and lava gets REAL close together, they combine to make obsidian, then u make a diamond pickaxe then u mine it, (note, its takes some time to mine)
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Dubmeupsome answered:

Dig down really deep and find a dungeon or something like that, then keep mining down and you should come across some lava and some obsidian.
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frd111 answered:

Pour a Water Bucket on a Lava source block and you will obtain Obsidian. You need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine Obsidian.
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