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Where can I find (enchanting table)?

Is it possible to make an enchanting table on xbox version?if so how do i make it?

griffo316 provided additional details:

Ok cheers for that!i bet it will be dlc in the future then

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Dr_Swampy answered:

The Xbox version is an earlier version than the current PC version so no Enchanting Table, Sorry.
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CRAZZY_BEAST answered:

This is Minecraft beta 1.5.01 they don't add Enchantment Tables until beta 1.8.1 I believe.
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Asura23 answered:

Well whenever they do you need 2 diamonds, 3 obsidian, and a book arranged like this

book-b, diamond-d, obsidian-o d/b/d
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blood_red_laos answered:

The version on the Xbox is 1.6. There is a lot missing from the Xbox version that is on the PC version. You cannot stack fences, there is no iron gates, there is no pistons, and there is no enchanting tables. You will have to wait until a later update to use an enchanting table unfortunately. As to when this update will be, I am not sure. It doesn't say in the Wiki so just check back every now and then. And for any questions for Mods, they will be made into DLCs that you can get from the XBLA Marketplace. No one knows if they will cost points or if they will be free, so let us hope that they are free.
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