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Where can I find Paper?

I need to find paper for a map.

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bobbychez answered:

You make paper from sugar cane. If you are not aware, like I wasn't, you can replant sugar cane and grow your own to farm. Along those lines, you only need to cut off the top tiers of the sugar cane to harvest it and it will continue growing.
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CRAZZY_BEAST answered:

Put sugarcane in your crafting inventory in a horizontal line of 3 and make paper.
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Ferretynesss answered:

Crafting table, decorations section of the crafting list
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typhlo answered:

Paper can be found in dungeons or can be crafted from sugar cane(bamboo) and bamboo is found near a source of water. try looking in a lake
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AbnerMal4247 answered:

Sugar Cane always growns near water, and may or may not be hard to find. In my world, it's everywhere, but in a friends world, we spent almost 2 hours looking for some. If you want to farm sugar cane, cut it down where you find it, bring it to where you want your farm to be, and plant it next to water. It doesn't have to be the "sea" or anything, just any amount of water. Fully grown, sugar cane is 3 blocks high, so when harvesting it, just cut the middle block to get 2, and the bottom will regrow. 1 sugar cane equals 1 paper, but you need three canes to complete the recepie. As of now, paper is used only to make books (3 papers per book) and maps (8 papers and a compass).
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GearsOfWarDude4 answered:

You have to have 3 sugar cane to make a piece of paper
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dmanplaya answered:

You can NOT find paper. You have to CRAFT it. You use 3 sugar cane to make 1 sheet of paper
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