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Good seeds?

Does anyone know any fun map seeds or a website to go to to find them?

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Thank you all for all these seeds, but I may have discovered something very disheartening, I used the seed "gargamel" and built upon it and then I decided to create a new world using the same seed and what I got was an un-mined, duplicate version of my original gargamel map, I've tried the same thing using the seeds "glacier" and "Metallica" and got duplicates block for block. Does this have something to do with the Xbox 360's very limited ability to randomley generate a world in Minecraft or is it some kind of bug?

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From: classicgamer9 2 years ago

A good seed is "gargamel". It provides lots of hills and mountains, plus cool formations.

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a good seed is " worstseedever", you respawn right behind a zombie dungeon, and there is a giant cave system right in the dungeon, where i believe has coal, iron, redstone, etc. and from a video I think up to 50 diamonds.I have tried that seed and it does work.(the seed goes like its written)

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404 Is a good seed, try it out some time.

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A really good one is " Glacier " its from the PC version and works just as good if not better on xbox version, you get heaps of floating islands, mountains, rivers, lakes, open lava plumes, desert, and trees, not to mention its 100x easier to find coal on the mountains edge then having to dig on your first night! :)

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It depends on what kind of worlds you like.

Theres worlds with lots of trees like


Or theres worlds with flat lands like


Or if you want a real challange try


But pretty good seeds ive found are

Magic school

Hope you enjoy.

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Type 888 into seed, i found 2 blocks of clay straight from spawn, a monster spawner straight to your right beside the mountain, if you dig stright down from the first grassy area in front of you there is massive chain of mines containing around 11 blocks gold, 2 diamond, loads of iron and coal and some red stone. Its a very good one for recourses and the land is mostly bit of everything snow, forest, open, desert ect. Hope this helps im sure youll have alot of fun with this seed.

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I know that ICU812 is an excellent seed when you first spawn walk to the south west to an almost open plain there is were you can build a house the Master mine, or main mine, has 47 diamonds over 80 gold a ton of iron redstone and coal their is also a pumkin mountain north east of spawn point

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Try TheNoobAdventures
and CreeperKiller

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These seeds!

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I heard a great survival island seed sprite sprite is the closest to
A good survival island try it

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gargamel is definitely good; some great large mountains
Deadmau5 has a bunch of overhangs and cool formations
Safehold has some neat stuff
I used Armageddon and it has some cool islands and a large cave system

FYI, the seeds are case sensitive!

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Wolf is a big and very snowy map. If that's you'r thing.

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All of the above.

Really, if you make your own seeds, you may find a world even better than the ones above. Typing in random things = fun.

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I've Heard That Gargamel is A Great Seed.

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'DAVID' Gives you a taiga biome but with a HUGE underground cave system: 7 stacks of iron, 10 stacks of coal, 17 diamonds and counting.

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For a cool looking map you could put in -77+1001. you spawn in front of a fountain and you get alot of epic cliffs and stuff

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Quesadila is a good map cuz close to the spawn there are 3 above ground spawners

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I know a great seed that i saw while watching a youtube video and decided to try it. It starts in a snow biome but if you move east you can find 5-6 stacks of clay. The seed is 80085.

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If you try mojang there is enough clay to build a small house

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The best seed ever is jungly-bungly it has a giant desert ( that's not meant to be good just something that's there) and there's a big forest for wolves if you like that and a big flat area in the top left and some caves in the ground with coal and iron to get you started (those are in the flat area so I covered them up

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Gargamel is one of the best as others are mentioning

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