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I put in a seed for the herobrine to appear,but i'm not sure he exists in this he in this version?

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guestman1234 answered:

Herobrine isnt a seed but is real on xbox 360 got attacked by a figre with no eyes killed it 5 diamonds from it.
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smallzF51 answered:

He is not in any minecraft w/o the use of mods for pc/mac right now
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josnif18 answered:

This was a "joke" Notch (The Founder of Minecraft) put forward because of people saying, there are other people playing, or appearing on a single player world. "Herobrine" is fake.
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kopo12 answered:

Herobrine was originnally an admin i believe trying to scare and trick people by somehow getting in their private servers and stalking around. Now simply gone in both pc and xbox, there are several mods that allow you to play with him, but Herorbrine, sad enough as it is, is completely fake.
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falloutdan answered:

He's a Minecraft urban legend. Some say he kills you, others say he watches from a dense fog. Its said that Notch had a brother who died and Notch put him in the game. Its a lie. But Herobrine is in a lot of promotional pics for events. 4J uses him as a joke, and players make up stories about him, heck Herobrine's got his own back story.
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JetRun76 answered:

If it becomes foggy,where you cannot see about 7 spaces in front of you,Herobrine is probably there.However, he is only summoned by a Herobrine Shrine. You also need a mod. But XBOX does not support them.You may see him on an older version of minecraft on the PC,where mods are allowed.
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Lunarace answered:

Herobrine is real on the xbox 360 but the chances of finding him are low so dont look for him or anything like that u have a better chance of finding 50 diamonds in a 100 square radius then finding herobrine
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TBrownMoon answered:

Herobrine never was real. Not in any version of the game on any device.
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