Question from byrlo8

What is the best storm/flat land/forest seed?

what I want is a seed that is almost always stormy or is somewhere close to being completely flat or a forest seed. I know thats a lot to ask for but if you know of any i would appreciate any seeds that match what I'm looking for.

byrlo8 provided additional details:

It doesn't have to be all together in the same world. It can be seperate worlds just with those charecteristics.


cherry_berry58 answered:

I would have to say the seed Bambi.
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david_elite9 answered:

Try "Notch" I like it and it is kinda flat
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dylwells answered:

I think flatgrass is the best.
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Mpb807 answered:

When you are in the Create New World menu, click "More options". Then look at where it says "World Options" and click the check box for Superflat World. Then the map will load as a completely flat world. Also you can choose bonus chest and get some needed materials right off the bat.
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stevefelltodoom answered:

But there are no trees in superflat.
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Sushighost answered:

try [iCup] without the brackets i think you will like it.
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Scorch3000 answered:

I used a good seed once, i think it was Dead Mau5 or something like that.
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zerogravitation answered:

Any superflat seed (Ceative) place the materials u need then go to Survival
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Rmoritz1 answered:

FLAT seed or flAt must type capital or lower case where spelled.
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Qewrty1234 answered:

Try (COW!!!) Without the parentheses. It has 3 blacksmith villages and an easy to find ender portal. Also has a abandoned mineshaft with 5-6 chests and 2 cave spider spawners under the highest snow biome.
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