Question from Ohyeallways

Any one want to play Hunger games?

I am trying to play hunger games! rules: Have to wait 3 minecraft days. Cant cheat by making things spawn ect. Once you have been killed you cant be back in the game unless we start a new one and the winner get to be back in the next game. First 8 only!! GT: Mr CoolKid11


TheDarkSpank answered:

Sounds fun .. I'll play ....GT: THE DARK SPANK
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assassinsbounty answered:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yes! of course I will be in it. I've been wanting to play one for so long. My gamer tag is TheTrueMaster12
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dudetheman01 answered:

i"m up for it. I have done a few other Hunger Games maps, so it will be interesting to see what you got.
GT: knucklebump557
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Mr_goodman answered:

I would do it gt:takeonlythegold
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Boomersman66 answered:

My GT is Outspokenclock
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Dovahkiin_66 answered:

hmmm... Interesting, though the amount of players is cut by 2/3...
eh, what the heck? Still playing it? Panda mAn438
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ethasti answered:

GT is x24champion24x
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stevefelltodoom answered:

What are the hunger games?
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MuMuMs answered:

hey are u still wanting to play? GT; MuMuMs
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