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Slime Finder Help?

For some reason, I can't get the slimefinder to work on my seed. Could anyone else try it for me and see if they get it so I know if it is my computer or if I am just screwed on a slimeless world? 24324101 is my seed and x=-411 and Z=328 is my coordinates. Please help. Here is link:

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MrWeegee answered:

I entered everything, it rounded off the coordinates to 400, 320, though. At those coordinates, you have a bunch of chunks around that. Here's three of them...

384, 320 to 400, 336
400, 336 to 416, 352
352, 304 to 368 320

Dig out those areas and you should get tons of slimes!

So, yeah, it's just your computer acting up. You have lots of chunks.
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