Question from 615DanMan

Why does the game lag all of a sudden?

Me and my friend used to connect perfectly with no lag. But all of a sudden we have had connection problems only for this game. (And i get disconnected from Xbox Live whenever i start the game. And it says disconnected from servers alot. Whats going on?


tclifford12345 answered:

You may have to consult your internet provider and see if something is wrong with your connection. Or you are just exploring new areas on your world and it is just taking time to load
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stevefelltodoom answered:

we (me, my dad, and my sister) had to stop playing our game because it lagged so much. It was an awsome game, completely offline, but it lagged. So we had to start a new game. What i think i that it lagged because we did so much and the game and troble loading it all.
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