Question from Jackal031196

Where's my nether fortress?

I made it to the nether on a map I made right after the TU7 (1.0 update) and started hunting for the nether fortress, but it's remained elusive, I can't find it anywhere and it's making me mad, so is there a website i can use to find it like the slime finder where I can just enter the map seed and it'll give me quordinates to the fortress?

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stevefelltodoom answered:

Being on peaceful has nothing to do with it. Before not every world and one, but they just did a patch update and now every nether has a nether fortress.
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naturesgod answered:

Not all maps right now have them but 4j said that they wiil fix this in an update in january .
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Scottguy2 answered:

Are you on peaceful? Because Nether Fortresses are home to blazes so maybe it just didn't spawn yet.
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