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How long do items burn for?

Ok, so I built a fireplace for my home in Minecraft, but I need kindling for the fireplace. I know that netherrack burns forever, but I can't get to the nether, so how long do items burn for if you set them on fire?


baconluver answered:

It depends on what you're burning, if you burn wood, it will only burn for about 1-5 seconds, i believe if you use stone however, that it will burn forever, i am not entirely sure though...
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stevefelltodoom answered:

Stone keeps fire lighted for about 2 seconds. Like bacon said, wood doesn't burn for long. sand,grass,and cobble stone are just like stone. So if u really want a burning fire place I recommend that u ether start mining to find obsidian to build a portal or go on creative mode to get netherack
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zerogravitation answered:

baconluver is right about wood but not about stone.stone stone bricks obsidian bedrock sandstone bricks/nether bricks and cobble burn for 2 or 3 seconds. Fence (not nether brick fence) and leaves work the same as wood
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mastter567 answered:

Wood burns for maybe a few seconds. Dirt, Sand, Obsibion, Cobble, ect., will just put the fire out. The ONLY thing you can burn forever is indeed Netherrack. Explore in some caves that goes low down into the world, and find some naturally created obsibion, and mine that. Get flint and steel or a fire charge, and make the portal.
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