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Eyes of Ender not working correctly?

I recently started a new seed in survival mode and noticed that when I try to throw an eye of ender (to find a/the stronghold) it doesn't work.
It's not that the eyes won't fly towards the stronghold, it's that the game just doesn't give me the option to throw it.
It lets me do it in my friends seeds so I know i'm doing it correctly, it just won't work on this seed.
I made the seed after the recent update and patch that (I thought) was supposed to assure that every seed contains at least one stronghold, nether fortress etc. so as far as I know there should be a stronghold somewhere.
Any ideas? This seed is already a replacement for my last one that ripped me off by not having a nether fortress (hence no blaze rods) so I'm not enthusiastic about having to start ANOTHER one.

pastyD provided additional details:

I had it set so that structures are generated, and there are several villages and abandoned mine shafts.
Good idea, but it's not the cause of my problem. Or at least it shouldn't be.

pastyD provided additional details:

It's not a problem of the eyes behaving oddly when thrown, or not being able to track them.
The option to press the left trigger to throw them literally does not exist.

pastyD provided additional details:

So I managed to find the stronghold and End portal without using any Eyes of Ender (my seed is about 70% water and i spotted the roof barely protruding from the ocean floor.)
So yes my map does have a stronghold and while my question isn't a problem for me anymore, I'm still curious why the eyes didn't work.


Karatekid731 answered:

You probably made it so it doesn't generate villages. If you do that, that means no stronghold or dungeons either. So you'll need to remake the world and let it generate structures.
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TerfDK11 answered:

When you throw an Eye of Ender, It goes really high and really fast. Making them hard to track/follow on Survival mode. (Hint: Throwing Eye in Stronghold will not work, meaning once you are in a stronghold, you're on your own)
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GRUELINGR00K4 answered:

WHY CANT YOU just build it above ground thats what i did
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