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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I buy the new skin pack?

Yo. Im so excited the update came out today!!!! :D But the first thing I looked for was the new skin pack. It's not in the DLC menu when you first start up the game, and its not in the game marketplace. Where can I find it??? I WANNA BE CREEPER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

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Oohh ok thx so im NOT stupid! :)

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The Skin pack isn't out yet, it comes out on July 16th as tweeted by 4J Studios

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to find the skins go to help & options, you'll see 'change skin' there. right now you can only pick from the default multiplayer skins, but mojang & 4J have said the skin pack are coming this month.

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Yeah Mojang and 4j and all those guys said the skin pack is coming out today, July 16th, 2012.

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That's what I heard

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You have to go into download content. Go all the way to the bottom and it should say skin pack 1 and skin pack 1 (Trial.) The skin pack costs 160 Microsoft Points. You have to got to the Xbox 360 Dashboard to download it.

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The new skin pack, Skin Pack 3, was just released one or two days after the 1.8.2 update and the skin pack is now available from the in game menu by going to "Download Content" from the main menu or by going to the "Game Add-Ons" section of the Xbox Live Marketplace. Skin Pack 3 costs the same as the others at 180 Microsoft Points.

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