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Asked: 2 years ago

Slime spawning conditions?

I'm trying to build a slime farm and the general conditions are: large, open area, well lit, some water, and at a depth of 12. Is all this right or am I going about this all wrong?

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From: 3CDED 2 years ago

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It is good, make sure the ceiling is 5 blocks high or more, also i would recommend making an area about 50x50 to 75x75 so as to make sure they will spawn, also, no water is needed and light level doesn't matter... although it would limit the amount of other mobs spawning

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In my slime farm, i dug to bedrock, made a tnt cannon and blew the hell out of the are, luckily for me my bedrock was craggy and was about 5 layers deep, i then filled in the holes with glowstone, mine works fine and if on my first trip i dont find slimes, i leave and then come back, but normally what you do is mine to bedrock then make a floor 4-5 layers up from bedrock and begin mining, you must also make it at least 3 blocks high for the big slimes to spawn, if you would like, add me on xbox live and i will show you my farm

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my gamertag is DubMeUpSome btw.

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