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Asked: 2 years ago

Players to play with ?

I want to play with people who dont grief and people that have good connection so put your name below if you want me to try out a seed put it under your name

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Yeah sure i'll play with you. I don't grief and i normally have a good connection. My gamertag is knucklebump557 if you ever want to do a game sometime.

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You should try asking this on the actual board itself.

You will get a much better reaction and there are plenty of servers that people host that have anti-grieving policies.

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Would u help me with my world my gt is xGrimbo

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My GT is blackdragon591 on 17 hrs everyday

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I have a good connection usually and i absolutely HATE griefers and stealers who raid your stuff. If you want to join me i have some diamonds and a huge house that you can live in. My gamertag is XGamerProReborn, i only have a couple rules though.

2: No stealing stuff from the chests in my house. If you want something ask me and i will probably let you have it.
3: be fair. If i give you diamonds and you find some in the future split them. Its just the nice thing to do

So yea thats it.

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I'll play with you i never grief and have a mic, my gamertag is salsashark7

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My Xbox live account is Lobo1456 Just ask me about item and materials. And I can only play six hrs a day on weekends. No hrs on weekdays.

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i always play mc and you can msg me to play at AlphaLizard13

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