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Asked: 2 years ago

Anyone want to play the minecraft hunger games????

I am hosting a minecraft hunger games today at 6:30 EST if anyone wants to play my gamertag is XVladamirX send me a friend request and i will invite u when the game starts

Additional details - 2 years ago

Also tommarrow at the same time

Additional details - 2 years ago

Tonights game went very well Dark Kisame123 Dark Itachi 123 Encho cash Dark Deidara123 thxs for playing we had a total of 8 people very fun hope to see new people tommarrow

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nope sorry. 1 because minecraft for xbox it's just not the same because it wasnt created by the legendary Notch or his team. 2 i dont have a xbox 360..... it sucks i cant play halo :(

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