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Asked: 1 year ago


Can you tell me the available potions,their effects and the ingredients?

Thanks in advance.

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From: stevefelltodoom 1 year ago

Well....there are quite a few potions,there are:fire resistance(inculding lava), instant damage , instant health, poison, strength, speed, slowness, and a few others. I don't know all the ingrediants ,but if you start the tutorial and go to the brewing stand in the huge house it will help. Also, you can start a random world in creative mode, press the x button and go to the potions section to see the different potions.In creative mode you aslo have unlimited stuff, so u can make a brewing stand and try brewing different things. the brewable items are all in the same section. U can write down what u brew whith what for your survival game so you'll know how to make a pesific potion.

p.s. brewing gun powder makes a potion a splash potion. Good luck, I hope I helped!! :)

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