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Item Location Help Answers
Good seeds for a lot of iron and some gold n Redstone? 0
Clay? 16
End portal not here. Can I have help? 1
Eyes of Ender not working correctly? 3
Golden Apples? 7
Help! My power rails aren't working ,Why? 10
How can I get grass to grow on top of dirt indoors? 6
How do I find the treasure chest I purchased? 2
How long do items burn for? 4
How to craft what we want to craft in Xbox 360? 2
I Want a seed on xbox,with a blacksmith,but no snow?help 2
Is there a mapper for the xbox 360 console version? 1
Jungle tree spacing? 2
Materials Seed? 6
Monster Spawners? 10
Nether Fortresses without Nether Wart? 2
Panau seed? 2
PC mods to xbox? 6
Villager trade limit? 2
What are some good minecraft seeds with lots of lava and water? 1
What does the ender pearl do? 7
What is the max number of items on screen? 2
What kind of things can i craft ? 1
Where can I find (dimonds? 5
Where can i find a saddle? 2
Where can I find slimes? 8
Why are many characters locked in the skin pack I downloaded? 2
Why can't i find a donkey any where in my world? 1
Alternate methods for obtaining Blaze Rods/Powder? 2
Am i able to get a jungle tree sapling? 1
Any sugar cane in tutorial world? 1
Any tips to find Clay and sugarcane? 5
Apples? 1
Brick and Bonemeal? 1
Can lave burn through glass? 5
Can someone help me with minecarts? 3
Can you find or make pistons in the Xbox 360 version? 1
Does anyone have a seed with all biomes (including mushroom)? 1
Does gravel have a use? 3
Enchanting Table and bookshelves? 1
End/Ender Portals? 1
Fence Gates? 1
Giant mushrooms? 3
Gold items break too fast!? 6
Golden tools? 6
Golem help? 2
Good seeds? 21
How deep are dungeons usually? 4
How do i breed animals? 1
How do I farm nether-wart? 3
How do I feed or lure animals with wheat? 1
How do I grow mushrooms? 2
How do I make a portal? 4
How do I make charcoal? 1
How do I make repairs? 2
How do i mine for gold? 2
How do you slow down minecarts? 5
How does a jukebox work? 2
I am trying to figure out for enchanting, what's the maximum level of a pickaxe? 1
I need wool? 2
Is there a way to get leaves off of trees? 1
Is this a glitch or am I just stupid? 1
Lilypad farming? 1
Locked chests? 1
Mob grinder...? 1
Multi-colored wood planks? 1
Music disc help? 2
my xbox edition says that i can "breed" "villagers"? Does it mean i can create a village or somethin 1
Nether brick? 2
Note Block not working? 8
Pink sheep? 3
Piston problems? 1
Rare drops? 1
Red Flowers? 2
Redstone help? 1
Redstone usage problems? 2
Sand defying gravity? 2
Slime farm not working...?? 2
Solo duplication glitch after 1.7.3 patch??? 1
Stone bricks? 3
TNT explosions? 3
What can I use slime for? 9
What is multicolored wool good for? 1
What's the easiest way to get Redstone? 1
Where are Coca beans?(for brown dye & cookies)? 3
Where can I find (enchanting table)? 4
Where can I find (sadles)? 1
Where can I find a Nether Star? 1
Where can I find an ocealot? 1
Where can I find cacti? 1
Where can I find coal for a torch? 3
Where can I find Diamonds? 2
Where can I find diomonds? 1
Where can I find Herobrine on xbox 360? 6
Where can I find melon seeds? 1
Where can I find Paper? 7
Where can I find redstone? 2
Where can I find slimeballs?? 2
Where can I find Sugar Cane? 4
Where can I grow red mushrooms? 1
Where is the end portal in the tutorial world? 1
Where to get stone? 1

Technical Help Answers
How to allow two people on one console to play minecraft live with friends? 0
Since update, game freezes when trying to load? 0
The Minecraft Xbox 360 logo is stuck on the screen in unpaused gameplay. How? 0
Transfer xbox to wii u? 0
Zelda adventure map? 0
Anyone know of a seed like this? 1
Can i have multiplayer without xbox live or hd tv? 1
Can i transfer maps from one account to another on same xbox ? 1
How can I fix my worlds? 1
I can't keep both double doors open? 3
I can't launch the game. Can I have some help please? 2
I cannot play one of my maps anymore online? 2
If I delete Minecraft on my Xbox 360, can I re-download it for free? 1
is it possible to update Minecraft 360 on Xbox one? 1
Just wondering about this? 2
Map will not load or upload to xbox one? 1
Minecraft not letting me spawn animals, why? 1
Name Tags? 1
Reset the Nether? 2
Transfer Files? 3
Update? 4
When will the next update be out? 2
Why are my seeds not working right? 3
Why aren't my lava and water buckets working? 2
Why aren't powered rails boosting on one world? 1
Why Cant TU update for me? 1
Why does the game crash when I try to leave the end? 1
Why does the game lag all of a sudden? 2
Why does the Nether portal not allow me to return home? 2
Wont work? 1
Auto-save? 3
Cant leave the nether world? 1
Copy world to another profile? 2
Does anyone know how to unhide a world? 1
Glitched profile? 1
High Definition T.V. for split screen playing:i have it,but...? 16
How do I set up 2 players (I know nothing about xbox or minecraft)? 1
How do you hide your arrow on the map ATFER the 1.8 update? 1
Inventory bug? 2
Monster spawner only spawning spiders? 2
Monster spawning issue? 3
When I play one of my previous worlds it acts as if it was an online game, even though I don't have Gold Membership? 1
Why aren't there any blazes in my Nether? 1
Why can't I dig anymore? 4
Why does the game freeze? 2
Why does the game keep telling me 'connection to server lost'? 1
Why does the game keep telling me connection to server lost entering to main menu??? 1
Why does the save not work? 1

Other Help Answers
Add me? 0
Anybody want to start a survival world with me ? 0
Best seed for latest update? 0
Custom World, For our custom makers, Minecraft friends/server? 0
Desert Temple or Jungle Temple? 0
Do want to help? 0
Friends? 0
Good seeds for title update nine? 0
Has anyone else gotten this? 0
How do i catch a Griefer in Minecraft? 0
How do i get herobrine out of my xbox 360 world? 0
How do i get herobrine out of my xbox 360 world? 0
I need a seed that is mostly flat grass land but with some hills and caves and i couldn't find any? 0
I'm looking for achievement help? 0
I'm looking for people that play Minecraft and sonic? If you add me ill tell you why. My gamer tag is ThunderMonk1025 0
I'm looking for people to play Minecraft with on 360? add me at cmane340 0
I'm looking for skilled builders on Minecraft xbox 360 who can help my do interiors and build my city? 0
Is the game project shark on X360? 0
Is this possible to do? 0
Looking for new friends to play with on MC? 0
Looking for people for mc 360? 0
Looking for people to join my minecraft games!? 0
Looking for people to play Minecraft and other games with? 0
Mass Effect chest? 0
Minecraft xbox360 looking for players? 0
Need people to play on minecraft? 0
Need ppl to play with friend me? 0
New to Xbox Live, Need Friends for Minecraft? 0
Old Tutorial Worlds? 0
Please add me? 0
Please play? No greifers 0
Please read need help? 0
Transfer xbox to wii u ? 0
Uploading ? 0
Want friends to play mc on xbox360? 0
Want to make a Minecraft roleplay and post on youtube need help though! anyone interested? 0
What is a really cool and fun seed to play on survival with the newest update (sea lanterns update)? 0
What the heck is going on?!!! 0
"Could Not Download Minecraft Cartoon Texture Pack"? 1
6yr old brother needs friends for minecraft feels sad and bored? 1
Add me. My gamer tag is jaffnath. Can you add me? 1
Afk farming help!!!? 1
Any 24/7 or close worlds? 1
Any good TU15 Xbox 360 edition seeds? 1
Any MinecraftX360 parents? - Goal to build worlds for our kids 1
Any one want to play Hunger games? 9
Anybody know when we will have cauldrons on the 360? 3
Anybody want to be my friend for minecraft? 14
Anybody want to help me build a city? 2
Anybody want to play with me? 1
Anyone got any really cool worlds that they have built? 2
Anyone have any gold trials? 1
Anyone sit around all day and play Minecraft (creative)? Add me ! 2
Anyone wanna play minecraft? 6
Anyone wanna play with me and my friend? 2
Anyone want to build a city with me? 3
Anyone want to build in minecraft with me from time to time? 5
Anyone want to build with me? 4
Anyone want to help me with TNT? 2
Anyone want to play Minecraft? 20
Anyone want to play the minecraft hunger games???? 2
Anyone want to team up? 1
are there ANY nice people on MC? 9
Are there any seeds that are similar to gargamel? 1
BORED! Play Minecraft with me? 1
Can anyone add me and play with me to create a awesome world? 1
Can anyone add me my Gt is XGO KILLA need freinds to play minecraft with ? 2
Can anyone help me with some red stone stuff? 1
Can anyone play minecraft with me? 4
Can get minecraft on disc or just download? 1
Can i join anyones minecraft server or add me as a friend? 16
can I share my saved map with others on minecraft for xbox 360? 2
Can lava burn things on the other side of glass? 1
Can somebody troll my brother on minecraft? 1
Can you do this? 2
Can you fish for name tags in the new Minecraft Xbox 360 edition update? 1
Can you play you own music? 1
Can you? 3
Can't trade for saddles? 1
Creative and Survival playable on the same world? 4
Creative Mode Question? 3
do I have to create a whole new world to enjoy all of the latest updates? 1
Does anybody know of any decent survival island seeds? 6
Does Anybody Wanna Help Me Build In Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition? 2
Does anybody want to play Minecraft with me? 2
Does anybody want to play some Minecraft with me? 1
Does anybody want to start a survival map? Please place your gamer tags in your answes 1
Does anyone have a server in which they would like to play with me? 2
Does anyone know some good seeds for Minercaft Xbox 360 edition? 6
Does anyone want to play minecraft with me? 21
Does anyone want to play minecraft? 4
Does anyone want to play on my minecraft Xbox server Im starting it today? 8
Does anyone want to play with me? 1
Does anyone want to start a world with me in minecraft? 11
End update? 1
Flat Seeds? 2
Gold membership? 3
Good seeds for TU12 (title update 12)? 1
Good seeds? 4
Good seeds? 1
Good tu15 seeds? 2
Help Wanted! I need players to help with major project? 6
Herobrine is real? 4
Herobrine is wrecking me heeeelp? 1
Herobrine seeds for minecraft Xbox 360??? (2014 update) 1
Hey guys I'm looking for a squad or friends to hang with on Xbox!? 1
Hey i need some people to play with on minecraft? 11
Hey I'm looking for some players to play with on Xbox my gamer tag is the same as my name here I play cod and mncrft!? 1
How do i get NPC Villagers? 2
How do i make a tnt cannon? 1
How to return from Far Lands? 1
How to set spawnpoints? 1
I am look for Xbox 360 minecraft players to join my server? 2
I am looking for people to play mincraft xbox? 3
I have seen level 4 potions used by other players does anyone know how to make them? 2
I just want someone to help with massive structure i am building? 1
I made a battle arena, Looking for ppl to fight!....? 2
I need help on a project plz help me if you can? 1
I Need Help? 2
I need house builing help(360 players)??? 1
I need more friends to play with on minecraft? 12
I need more Minecraft friends? 2
I need people to play minecraft xbox360 with. interested ? 22
I need people to play minecraft!!? 11
I need people to play with for xbox 360!? 3
I need people to play with on minecraft? 3
I need people to play???? 3
I need some people to play with ???? 10
I need someone to play Minecraft Xbox 360 with please my GT is xpugnut45x? 1
I try to enter the nether and my Xbox Freezes? 5
i want someone to play Minecraft with? 2
I'm Looking for people that wanna play Minecraft on Xbox 360? 1
I'm looking for people to play minecraft with? 14
I'm looking for someone to play with. Do you want to help me build? 2
If herobrine is real why cant they find his file? 4
If I buy Minecraft Xbox 360 edition (disc) from Asia will it work with an Xbox 360 from U.S.? 2
If I update my Minecraft to the latest version, 1.22, will my worlds be deleted? 1
In need of great creative mode builders? 1
Invisible mob? 2
Is there a way to reset the Mash-up Worlds in Minecraft Xbox360 ? 1
Is there lightning in the game??? 8
Learn glitch if you frend me and play minecraft with me?? 1
lets play minecraft ? GT: pistolwhip1012 1
Llooking for someone to play minecraft with? 8
Looking for cool people? 1
Looking for friends to play minecraft? 3
Looking for fun, willing, minecraft xbox 360 players? 5
Looking for gamers to play Minecraft with Xbox 360 :) ? 1
Looking for people from the uk to play minecraft with, anyone? 21
Looking for people to play Minecraft...? 10
Looking for people to play my labyrinth ? 4
Looking for someone to play minecraft on xbox 360 with ?:D 1
Looking for someone to play minecraft with? 10
Loud wind blowing? 6
May you join my Minecraft world? 2
Me and my friend are looking for people to play minecraft with on 360. Post gamertags? 44
Minecart Glitch? 1
Minecraft friends? 2
Minecraft peeps please? 1
minecraft project MTG? 1
MInecraft Save Editor? 1
Minecraft World Select Menu? 2
Minecraft Xbox 360 Mob Tower? 2
Minecraft xbox 360: who wants to play with me? 21
Minecraft xbox360 gamers , 15+? 1
Minecraft xbox360? 3
Multiplayer? Anyone? 1
My sheep wont eat grass to regrow there wool?! 5
need a friend to play on the Xbox 360 minecraft? 3
Need Friends ... ? I got normal membership 2
Need new players? 1
Need people to play MC with (possibly community)? 2
Need People to Play Minecraft On?! 4
Need people to play with? 7
Need some help on my Minecraft worlds? (Basically I need people to play with) 1
Need some players to play with? 1
Need someone to play minecraft with? 1
Need somone who likes to build and wants to do it in survival mode? 4
New team based survival server anyone? 1
Newbie questions ??? 1
Please could you explain how you can spawn an Enderdragon egg in the overworld? 2
Pocket edition? 1
Pointless Leaderboard? 2
Problems with Hunger games save? 1
Seed name(s) with lots of clay? 1
Seeds for herobrine in title update nine? 1
Should I get get an Xbox for minecraft? 4
Slime farm and redstone help? 2
Survival map? 3
The Card? 2
the ether for real on Xbox? 1
The Xbox already loaded up the whole world so the new features...? 2
Turning off generate structures? 2
Want friends? 1
Want to make a project build, help required? 2
What a good mine craft seed for diamond's ? 2
What is a good wintery seed? 1
What is the diffrence between the Xbox 360 version of minecraft and the PC version of minecraft ? 5
What's the dumbest thing you've built? 2
What's the first thing u do in the demo? 1
Where can I buy the new skin pack? 6
Where do i dowload the game? 3
Who plays Minecraft for Xbox 360? 4
Why can't friends join my minecraft world? 2
Why do my circuits break when used on top of glowstone? 1
Why do pistons go off more than once? 2
Why do villagers go outside at night? 4
Will we be able to get good things? 1
Wondering if anyone knows max numbers of peaceful mobs? 1
Xbox360 minecraft friens to play with? 2
Zombie villager in fantasy texture pack? 1
(Awkward Question) Anyone want to let me blow up stuff in their world? 2
(Snow?) 1
About Mr. herobrine? 10
Any Good Seeds for 2013? 36
Anybody want to be my friend for Minecraft? 1
Anybody want to play Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition with me? 1
Anyone know a good seed with little to no desert in it at all? 2
Anyone wanna play Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition? 3
Appearance? 2
Are blocks transferable? 1
Cake update? 1
Can you get to the giant "minecraft" at the top of the screen? 3
Can you make a portal to the aether? 2
Can't keep items in co-op? 3
Creative mode? 2
Creepers bug? 1
Did someone kill my friend? 2
Do you want to join a minecraft Clan? 1
Does anyone want to build a world with me? 2
End Portal not working? 2
Faster Way to Dig Large Areas? 1
Flat land seeds? 1
Good diamond seeds? 7
Help with using portals? 1
Herobrine on Xbox? 2
How can we play 2 player offline? 1
How do i get to split screen? 9
How do you run in this game? 3
How rare and where do you usually find slimes? 14
How to change my skin? 2
How to? 4
Hunger Games? 1
I need people to play 360 minecraft with? 2
i need people to play minecraft on Xbox360 edition? 10
IDK wat to build......... Ideas? 2
Is it possible to import items from other files? 1
Is it possible to use seeds offline? 1
Is there any XP in this game? 1
Is this Kinect only? 9
Item Locations? 1
Looking for people to play mine craft xbox 360 edition with, interested? Leave your GT and I'll check you out! 1
Minecraft 360 Mob Egg Release Date or Version Number? 1
Minecraft golems and updates? 1
Minecraft on a different Xbox? 1
Minecraft pc account + xbox = xbox version? 1
MinecraftPS3? 2
Mobs in house at night? 11
Multiplay online? 4
Need people to play with on Minecraft Xbox 360? 11
Need people to play with on minecraft!? 91
Potions? 1
Roof? 1
Saddles ? 2
Seeds? 1
Slime Finder Help? 1
Soldiers? 2
Someone want to play? 2
started a new world on Minecraft need builders, diligent hunters, and fearless adventures 2 tame dis amazing land? 1
Sugar Cane Problem? 2
System link? 1
The Ender ? 1
Torches? 4
Unlimited lava source? 2
Unrelated to Minecraft ? 1
Updating halp? 1
Want people to play that are on often? 1
Want to play minecraft? 1
Water bug? 3
What are some good seeds? 22
What are some Seeds with a lot skeletons and wolves? 1
What comes with the Steampunk Skin pack? 1
What is needed for online play for Minecraft on xbox 360? 2
What is nether sop? 2
What will be in the next update? 3
When will the next update be? 2
When will title update 9 come out? 1
When you crouch does your name disappear to other players? 1
Where can I find the theme for the xbox? 1
Where can you buy a disc so you do not have to download offline? 2
where can you find Melon Slices at? 1
Where is skin pack 1? 1
Which one should i buy? 5
who is Herobrian and how do you know if he's in your server? 9
Who wants to build a city in minecraftxbox 360? 1
Why am i not able to place a clock down? 1
Why can't I play in my single player game? 2
Why doesthe lanscape keep changing? 1
Why is redstone clock messing up? 1
Why wont my achievements go through ? 1
Will placing a torch next to snow melt it? 1
Will there be mods? 2
Will there be servers you can choose and can you play over xbox live? 3
World share? 3

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