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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
3 X 3 piston door anyone? Answered 3
How do I find a nether fortress? Open 6
How do I make Obsidian? Answered 12
On A rail? Answered 3
Redstone teacher? Open 5
Stacking fences? Answered 6
What is the 404 hole? Open 1
Where's my nether fortress? Answered 3
Wolves achievement help? Answered 3
Item Help status answers
Alternate methods for obtaining Blaze Rods/Powder? Answered 2
Am i able to get a jungle tree sapling? Answered 1
Any sugar cane in tutorial world? Answered 1
Any tips to find Clay and sugarcane? Answered 5
Apples? Answered 1
Brick and Bonemeal? Answered 1
Can lave burn through glass? Answered 5
Can someone help me with minecarts? Open 3
Can you find or make pistons in the Xbox 360 version? Answered 1
Clay? Open 16
Does anyone have a seed with all biomes (including mushroom)? Answered 1
Does gravel have a use? Answered 3
Enchanting Table and bookshelves? Answered 1
End/Ender Portals? Answered 1
Eyes of Ender not working correctly? Open 3
Fence Gates? Answered 1
Giant mushrooms? Answered 3
Gold items break too fast!? Answered 6
Golden Apples? Open 7
Golden tools? Answered 6
Golem help? Answered 2
Good seeds? Answered 21
Help! My power rails aren't working ,Why? Open 10
How can I get grass to grow on top of dirt indoors? Open 6
How deep are dungeons usually? Answered 4
How do i breed animals? Answered 1
How do I farm nether-wart? Answered 3
How do I feed or lure animals with wheat? Answered 1
How do I grow mushrooms? Answered 2
How do I make a portal? Answered 4
How do I make charcoal? Answered 1
How do I make repairs? Answered 2
How do i mine for gold? Answered 2
How do you slow down minecarts? Answered 5
How does a jukebox work? Answered 2
How long do items burn for? Open 4
I am trying to figure out for enchanting, what's the maximum level of a pickaxe? Answered 1
I need wool? Answered 2
I Want a seed on xbox,with a blacksmith,but no snow?help Open 1
Is there a way to get leaves off of trees? Answered 1
Is this a glitch or am I just stupid? Answered 1
Jungle tree spacing? Open 1
Lilypad farming? Open 1
Locked chests? Answered 1
Materials Seed? Open 6
Mob grinder...? Answered 1
Monster Spawners? Open 10
Multi-colored wood planks? Answered 1
Music disc help? Answered 2
my xbox edition says that i can "breed" "villagers"? Does it mean i can create a village or somethin Answered 1
Nether brick? Answered 2
Nether Fortresses without Nether Wart? Open 1
Note Block not working? Answered 8
Panau seed? Open 2
PC mods to xbox? Open 4
Pink sheep? Answered 3
Piston problems? Answered 1
Rare drops? Answered 1
Red Flowers? Answered 2
Redstone help? Answered 1
Redstone usage problems? Answered 2
Sand defying gravity? Answered 2
Slime farm not working...?? Answered 2
Solo duplication glitch after 1.7.3 patch??? Answered 1
Stone bricks? Answered 3
TNT explosions? Answered 3
What are some good minecraft seeds with lots of lava and water? Open 1
What can I use slime for? Answered 9
What does the ender pearl do? Open 6
What is multicolored wool good for? Answered 1
What is the max number of items on screen? Open 2
What kind of things can i craft ? Open 1
What's the easiest way to get Redstone? Answered 1
Where are Coca beans?(for brown dye & cookies)? Answered 3
Where can I find (dimonds? Open 3
Where can I find (enchanting table)? Answered 4
Where can I find (sadles)? Answered 1
Where can I find an ocealot? Answered 1
Where can I find cacti? Answered 1
Where can I find coal for a torch? Answered 3
Where can I find Diamonds? Answered 2
Where can I find diomonds? Answered 1
Where can I find Herobrine on xbox 360? Answered 6
Where can I find melon seeds? Answered 1
Where can I find Paper? Answered 7
Where can I find redstone? Answered 2
Where can I find slimeballs?? Answered 2
Where can I find slimes? Open 5
Where can I find Sugar Cane? Answered 4
Where can I grow red mushrooms? Answered 1
Where to get stone? Answered 1
Why are many characters locked in the skin pack I downloaded? Open 1
Plot Help status answers
Is Herobrine a real? Open 2
Is there a way to beat this game ? Answered 1
Multiplayer? Answered 2
Technical Help status answers
Anyone know of a seed like this? Open 1
Auto-save? Answered 3
Cant leave the nether world? Answered 1
Copy world to another profile? Answered 2
Glitched profile? Answered 1
High Definition T.V. for split screen playing:i have it,but...? Open 13
How can I fix my worlds? Open 1
How do I set up 2 players (I know nothing about xbox or minecraft)? Answered 1
How do you hide your arrow on the map ATFER the 1.8 update? Answered 1
I can't keep both double doors open? Open 3
I can't launch the game. Can I have some help please? Open 2
I cannot play one of my maps anymore online? Open 2
Inventory bug? Answered 2
Just wondering about this? Open 1
Monster spawner only spawning spiders? Answered 2
Monster spawning issue? Answered 3
Reset the Nether? Open 2
Transfer Files? Open 3
Update? Open 4
When I play one of my previous worlds it acts as if it was an online game, even though I don't have Gold Membership? Answered 1
When will the next update be out? Open 1
Why are my seeds not working right? Open 3
Why aren't my lava and water buckets working? Open 2
Why aren't there any blazes in my Nether? Answered 1
Why can't I dig anymore? Answered 4
Why Cant TU update for me? Open 1
Why does the game crash when I try to leave the end? Open 1
Why does the game freeze? Answered 2
Why does the game keep telling me 'connection to server lost'? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me connection to server lost entering to main menu??? Answered 1
Why does the game lag all of a sudden? Open 2
Why does the Nether portal not allow me to return home? Open 2
Why does the save not work? Answered 1
Wont work? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(Awkward Question) Anyone want to let me blow up stuff in their world? Answered 2
(Snow?) Answered 1
About Mr. herobrine? Answered 10
Any 24/7 or close worlds? Open 1
Any Good Seeds for 2013? Open 31
Any one want to play Hunger games? Open 8
Anybody know when we will have cauldrons on the 360? Open 3
Anybody want to be my friend for minecraft? Open 9
Anyone got any really cool worlds that they have built? Open 2
Anyone know a good seed with little to no desert in it at all? Answered 2
Anyone wanna play minecraft? Open 1
Anyone want to build a city with me? Unanswered 0
Anyone want to build in minecraft with me from time to time? Open 5
Anyone want to build with me? Open 2
Anyone want to help me with TNT? Open 1
Anyone want to play Minecraft? Open 13
Anyone want to play the minecraft hunger games???? Open 1
Anyone want to team up? Open 1
Appearance? Answered 2
Are blocks transferable? Answered 1
are there ANY nice people on MC? Open 9
Are there any seeds that are similar to gargamel? Open 1
Cake update? Answered 1
Can get minecraft on disc or just download? Open 1
Can i join anyones minecraft server or add me as a friend? Open 12
Can lava burn things on the other side of glass? Open 1
Can you do this? Open 2
Can you get to the giant "minecraft" at the top of the screen? Answered 3
Can you make a portal to the aether? Answered 2
Can you play you own music? Open 1
Can you? Open 3
Can't keep items in co-op? Answered 3
Creative and Survival playable on the same world? Open 4
Creative Mode Question? Open 3
Creative mode? Answered 2
Creepers bug? Answered 1
Did someone kill my friend? Answered 2
do I have to create a whole new world to enjoy all of the latest updates? Open 1
Do you want to join a minecraft Clan? Answered 1
Does anybody know of any decent survival island seeds? Open 4
Does anyone have a server in which they would like to play with me? Open 2
Does anyone know some good seeds for Minercaft Xbox 360 edition? Open 4
Does anyone want to build a world with me? Answered 2
Does anyone want to play minecraft with me? Open 20
Does anyone want to play minecraft? Open 4
Does anyone want to play on my minecraft Xbox server Im starting it today? Open 7
Does anyone want to start a world with me in minecraft? Open 9
End Portal not working? Answered 2
Faster Way to Dig Large Areas? Answered 1
Flat land seeds? Answered 1
Flat Seeds? Open 1
Gold membership? Open 2
Good diamond seeds? Answered 7
Good seeds for TU12 (title update 12)? Open 1
Help Wanted! I need players to help with major project? Open 6
Help with using portals? Answered 1
Herobrine on Xbox? Answered 2
How can we play 2 player offline? Answered 1
How do i get NPC Villagers? Open 2
How do i get to split screen? Answered 9
How do i make a tnt cannon? Open 1
How do you run in this game? Answered 3
How rare and where do you usually find slimes? Answered 14
How to change my skin? Answered 2
How to return from Far Lands? Open 1
How to set spawnpoints? Open 1
How to? Answered 4
Hunger Games? Answered 1
I have seen level 4 potions used by other players does anyone know how to make them? Open 1
I made a battle arena, Looking for ppl to fight!....? Open 1
I need help on a project plz help me if you can? Open 1
I Need Help? Open 2
I need more friends to play with on minecraft? Open 5
i need people to play minecraft on Xbox360 edition? Answered 10
I need people to play minecraft xbox360 with. interested ? Open 8
I need people to play with for xbox 360!? Open 2
I need people to play???? Open 2
I need some people to play with ???? Open 9
I try to enter the nether and my Xbox Freezes? Open 5
If I buy Minecraft Xbox 360 edition (disc) from Asia will it work with an Xbox 360 from U.S.? Open 1
Invisible mob? Open 2
Is it possible to import items from other files? Answered 1
Is it possible to use seeds offline? Answered 1
Is there a way to reset the Mash-up Worlds in Minecraft Xbox360 ? Open 1
Is there any XP in this game? Answered 1
Is there lightning in the game??? Open 8
Is this Kinect only? Answered 9
Item Locations? Answered 1
Learn glitch if you frend me and play minecraft with me?? Open 1
Llooking for someone to play minecraft with? Open 8
Looking for cool people? Open 1
Looking for fun, willing, minecraft xbox 360 players? Open 3
Looking for gamers to play Minecraft with Xbox 360 :) ? Open 1
Looking for people from the uk to play minecraft with, anyone? Open 10
Looking for people to play mine craft xbox 360 edition with, interested? Leave your GT and I'll check you out! Answered 1
Looking for people to play my labyrinth ? Open 4
Looking for someone to play minecraft with? Open 9
Loud wind blowing? Open 6
Me and my friend are looking for people to play minecraft with on 360. Post gamertags? Open 33
Minecraft 360 Mob Egg Release Date or Version Number? Answered 1
Minecraft golems and updates? Answered 1
Minecraft on a different Xbox? Answered 1
Minecraft pc account + xbox = xbox version? Answered 1
minecraft project MTG? Open 1
MInecraft Save Editor? Open 1
Minecraft World Select Menu? Open 2
Minecraft Xbox 360 Mob Tower? Open 2
MINECRAFT XBOX 360 play with DressedPumpkin9 Who would like to play? Open 19
Minecraft xbox 360: who wants to play with me? Open 14
Minecraft xbox360? Open 2
MinecraftPS3? Answered 2
Mobs in house at night? Answered 11
Multiplay online? Open 4
Multiplayer? Anyone? Open 1
My sheep wont eat grass to regrow there wool?! Open 5
Need people to play MC with (possibly community)? Open 2
Need people to play with on minecraft!? Answered 92
Need people to play with? Open 6
Need somone who likes to build and wants to do it in survival mode? Open 4
Pocket edition? Open 1
Pointless Leaderboard? Open 2
Potions? Answered 1
Problems with Hunger games save? Open 1
Roof? Answered 1
Saddles ? Answered 2
Seed name(s) with lots of clay? Open 1
Seeds? Answered 1
Should I get get an Xbox for minecraft? Open 4
Slime farm and redstone help? Open 1
Slime Finder Help? Answered 1
Soldiers? Answered 2
Someone want to play? Answered 2
started a new world on Minecraft need builders, diligent hunters, and fearless adventures 2 tame dis amazing land? Answered 1
Sugar Cane Problem? Answered 2
Survival map? Open 3
System link? Answered 1
The Card? Open 2
The Ender ? Answered 1
The Xbox already loaded up the whole world so the new features...? Open 2
Torches? Answered 4
Turning off generate structures? Open 2
Unlimited lava source? Answered 2
Unrelated to Minecraft ? Answered 1
Updating halp? Answered 1
Want people to play that are on often? Answered 1
Want to play minecraft? Answered 1
Water bug? Answered 3
What are some good seeds? Answered 22
What are some Seeds with a lot skeletons and wolves? Answered 1
What is nether sop? Answered 2
What is the diffrence between the Xbox 360 version of minecraft and the PC version of minecraft ? Open 3
What will be in the next update? Answered 3
What's the dumbest thing you've built? Open 2
What's the first thing u do in the demo? Open 1
When will the next update be? Answered 2
When will title update 9 come out? Answered 1
When you crouch does your name disappear to other players? Answered 1
Where can I buy the new skin pack? Open 6
Where can I find the theme for the xbox? Answered 1
Where can you buy a disc so you do not have to download offline? Answered 2
where can you find Melon Slices at? Answered 1
Where do i dowload the game? Open 3
Where is skin pack 1? Answered 1
Which one should i buy? Answered 5
who is Herobrian and how do you know if he's in your server? Answered 9
Who plays Minecraft for Xbox 360? Open 3
Why am i not able to place a clock down? Answered 1
Why can't I play in my single player game? Answered 2
Why do my circuits break when used on top of glowstone? Open 1
Why do pistons go off more than once? Open 2
Why do villagers go outside at night? Open 4
Why doesthe lanscape keep changing? Answered 1
Why is redstone clock messing up? Answered 1
Why wont my achievements go through ? Answered 1
Will placing a torch next to snow melt it? Answered 1
Will there be mods? Answered 2
Will there be servers you can choose and can you play over xbox live? Answered 3
Wondering if anyone knows max numbers of peaceful mobs? Open 1
World share? Answered 3

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