Question from wambam1221

My pre-order items are gone?

I downloaded a bunch of pre-order items, and i put them on my character and played a few games. Later i noticed randomly that my character had none of the stuff i had put on him. I have tried redownloading all of the stuff but i still don't have any of the items... Am I the only one with this problem?


ltwarblade answered:

Same here i had to redownload all my preorder items every time i play halo 4 ??? what gives it even says it was saved in the game but when ever i turn off my xbox i lose my dlc pre order ??
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vidiotgamer101 answered:

Try going to your hard drive and looking for the content under the game, it may have become corrupted. delete it and then re download it. if it doesn't say corrupted then still try deleting and downloading it again anyway. might be from code error, hope that helps.
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smoshi answered:

Does anyone know how to contact microsoft or 343 over the phone so i can ask them why my bonus stuf is all gone.
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snipekill360 answered:

Its the halo servers. They wernt good enough. Theyre ironing out the issues as we speak. It should be fixed soon.
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DarkShadeSword answered:

Currently the problem still exist and it should be fixed by an update soon
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tophatxc answered:

Yah, I had that problem too with my gungnir armor, but it was fixed by an update. You just have to be patient
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t1mber_wolf answered:

I'm having the same issue but it was after I DL'd Crimson map pack, then my stuff disappeared and hasn't come back yet. Hope I don't loose that sweet Scanner helmet I had...Grrrrrr!
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SnakeEyesRaw00 answered:

One word: Patched.
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