Question from BlazingMedic

Has anyone else not recieved thier achievement?

I had just finished Halo on Legendary with a friend, and did not receive any of the Campaign completion achievements. Also, we did not receive the mission 3 achievement. Is this happening with anybody else, and does anyone have a fix?


vidiotgamer101 answered:

It may be a bug, or you probly had notifications off, there was a patch as soon as it was released so if you hadn't been hooked up to live you might not have recieved that patch yet.
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snipekill360 answered:

Go back and redo mission 3.
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StealthO answered:

It could be a bug/glitch just go back and do mission 3 and see what happens.
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AMTAYS answered:

I had exactly the same with the 3rd mission but not completing the game achievement. The forerunner mission achievement only unlocked when I did it on legendary solo.
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