Question from kels430

Why aren't the specialisations aren't appearing?

I bought the the limited edition and entered the codes for the in game bonus' into my Xbox yesterday and all the specialisations were shown in game but today only the 2 specialisations everybody gets are showing, is there a way to fix this or is it a permanent bug?


Kakkay answered:

It's a relatively rare issue. Nobody knows what's going on, but it's probably to do with congestion on the servers.

My advice would be to voice your problem to 343i, as they're the ones who will ultimately fix the problem.
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raz0rbladeapolo answered:

They said it will be fixed soon enough. you have to hit level cap(SR 50) to even use them, and with the daily xp limit in place we are looking at a good 2 more weeks before anyone will be using them(aside from people who got the game early).
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smoshi answered:

Does anyone know how to contact microsoft or 343 over the phone so i can ask them why my bonus stuf is all gone....
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david_elite9 answered:

I also am having this problem
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ShadowPig answered:

This is pretty common as it also affect pre-order armor just exit out of the game and restart; it is the temporary fix until they patch the game.
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Goku853 answered:

This happened to me as well, you'll have to wait until Xbox live sends you a message with the codes, but you cannot use them until SR50. Hope this helps!
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ROFLMEOW answered:

It's just a glitch. Dashboarding and then re-entering the game fixes it for me when it happens.
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