Question from brax95

How do you unlock the unicorn emblem?

I found this pic on the forums. The unicorn emblem is listed under other. I always use the unicorn over the gear. Does anyone know how to unlock it?


snipekill360 answered:

Im rank SR-34 and cant see it yet. I will update when i hit the next set if i remember.
You unlock a horse at rank SR-36
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Vulcangohan answered:

A friend of mine has the Unicorn emblem, and he was a purchaser of the Limited System. I think that's where he got it.
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MyBigToeHurts answered:

Need LE version

source: google search Halo 4+unicorn emblem LE writeups denotes this is LE
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snipekill360 answered:

Its not in the limited edition. I have the limited edition.
It is a code that comes with the halo 4 console.
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GS_Ace answered:

It comes with the Halo 4 LE Console
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Tadep answered:

You can get it from the halo 4 limited edition console or get it from ebay or craiglist like my friend did.
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