Question from ArbiterB312

Asked: 2 years ago

Hey anyone willing to trade spare codes for halo 4?

Ok I have spare codes for the Limited edition Recruit prime skin and prime weapon skin I also have a spare code for the war games season pass and Hazop forest skin also the BR arctic camo skin I will trade these for The Fotus armor and weapon skin Locust helmet and dead eye helmet please respond

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I have both avatar outfits and the cryotube ill swap if you or anyones interested?

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I have female avatar outfit and 14 day Xbox live.

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I have the oceanic ETC armor and early access to specalisations if you would like to swap for HAZOP armor?

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I got Locus with a Bulletproof emblem for trade. PM me

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i have alot of double exp matches through mountain dew that i cant use if anyone's willing to trade for armor codes, i already have the HAZOP forest armor and the dead eye helmet, im looking for the raptor skin if possible

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I got a bunch od double xp i need live so

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I have a 14 day gold pass want to trade for specialization code. Please. Gt - ALI CELESTIN

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