Question from lordvulcan

Can you still elect to use an elite in the multiplayer?

I've been told that the option to play as a covenant elite in multiplayer had been removed from this game. Is this true or is the option still there hidden away in the menus.


DepictingMenace answered:

You can NOT play an Elite in multiplayer. The only way to play as something other than a Spartan is to play the new gametype Flood (which replaced Infection). Now the infected play as the Flood. Otherwise you are stuck as a Spartan.
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dragonhelix answered:

No you connot play as an elite, which i really hate cause i like being an elite. As depictingmenace said the only way to be something other then a spartan is to play flood matches. personally i love the infection matches being made into flood matches, its a simple change but it shoulda been done a long time ago, its just a shame we cant be elites anymore. >_<
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onijester answered:

Not in Halo 4, only in Reach, or Halo Wars...
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Goku853 answered:

No you cannot 343 industries decided to focus on the Promethians in this game more than the Covenant.
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StealthO answered:

There is no option to play as an elite. I've played since launch.
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