Question from Spartan-J333

Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find an assault rifle?

I am a big fan of the assault rifle. It's my favorite gun in Halo and I prefer to use it over all the others. So I was reading my Halo 4 game guide and it says that there is an assault rifle you can equip in the last campaign level Midnight. It also says you can use a DMR and a few other guns. But I can't find them! I really want to to use that assault rifle! Are there any clues you guys can provide? If so, please do!

Accepted Answer

From: StealthO 2 years ago

Theres no assault rifles on Midnight. There are DMR and some other UNSC weapons in an armory you go through.

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There is a collection of covenent and unsc weapons in an isolated room abot half way through the mission, you're forced to go through the room so you can't miss it

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Isn't the assaualt rifle the most common unsc weapon there is, you can find it in most missions in the game other then the ones that are straight forerunner unless you start out with one.

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