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Getting new armor?

I haven't purchased Halo 4 yet, but do you have to purchase your armor through a credit system after you achieve a rank, or is it unlocked automatically as soon as you hit the rank?


rincewind1990 answered:

Some are unlocked through commendations and some are unlocked through levelling. There is a credit system but that is used for changing your loadouts (starting weapons, armour ability etc)
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SummonEdge answered:

Basically, unlike Reach, armor is unlocked through ranking, along with some through mastering commendations. Things in your loadouts, such as guns and grenades, cost spartan points. You get one point per level and most things are about two spartan points, the most expensive three spartan points.
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WeaselPants answered:

As your rank goes up you can unlock armor pieces and loadout slots. Once you reach lvl 50 you have an opprotunity to use different "classes" Such as Wetwork and Operator. (kind of like prestiging but without losing everything) The best way to lvl up fast depends on how you play. Personally I like Spartan Ops for the storyline, but War games is also fun for fast gameplay and completing comendations for those hard to get armor pieces.
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Celticsrock54 answered:

Usually when you unlock an armor piece you unlock all pieces of that armor set. Now I will answer your question as you rank up you will unlock armor. Sometimes you even have to get a special medal. There is credit in this game, but it is called spartan points. They are used to create armor (weponary) slots. There are the regular slots that come when you are a level 1 and until you are a last level you can possibly be unless there is an update that gives the game more levels but the original will go on forever. Also you can get armor if you buy a DLC pack.
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Celticsrock54 answered:

SummonEdge not all levels only give you one SP I just ranked up to a level 40 and I got 3 SPs in one level.
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