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Remove Flood Color?

So, I like the flood mode in halo 4 is really good, however I do not like the lime green color of the survivors. I wish in custom games you could remove the color but am not sure how to. I remember in reach you could apply and remove forced color. I'm looking to make a game type where all survivors are their personal colors like white and steel. I've been thinking maybe I can make a slayer game type, remove forced color, and then set one teams appearance to flood or something. If you guys know how to set survivor colors to personal or make a game type where players can be flood and their personal Spartans please let me know.

Thank you

SilenceWaters42 provided additional details:

Do you know if I can make a game type with flood and personal colors like in slayer or something?

Accepted Answer

baconluver answered:

I believe you cannot change your color, sorry.
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baconluver answered:

Ok, I tried to change the color on the flood that wasn't on xbox live, and no, you cannot change your color. Sorry about that
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