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Miniature Covenant Glitch?

About halfway through Galileo (episode 3 chapter 2 of Spartan Ops), jackals and elites in the reinforcements were literally the size of a toe. They still wielded normal sized guns and projectiles, dealt normal damage, and covered the same distance while moving. After dying about twenty times, I finally managed to kill them all and finish the mission.
So, I really appreciate if someone could explain why the enemies were so small and how I can avoid repeating this experience in the future.

Accepted Answer

rincewind1990 answered:

It's just a random glitch. I don't know what causes it but it's only ever happened to me once so it's not something you have to be overly worried about happening every time you play.
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SpiketheMuffin answered:

Yep. Glitch.
This is a RoosterTeeth GameFail where it showed that.
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