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Why can't I save my progress in multiplayer campaign?

When I hit the Start/Pause button on my controller, it only gives me the option to Revert to Last Save, Restart Mission or End Game. I cannot save the game! My boyfriend says he was able to save in single player mode. What am I missing here?


heeyagamerIII answered:

You are only able to save your progress in the SINGLE player campaign. Once you reach a checkpoint you can pause the game and hit "Save and Quit." You CAN NOT save in multi-player campaign. You either have to complete the mission or you have to start from the beginning.
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ash991 answered:

Actually, you can save in multiplayer. When you reach a desired checkpoint, quit. When you play on Single-Player, go to choose level and then choose where you want to start. Hope This Helps!
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Alpha117 answered:

You can't save the game manually, you have to wait until the game says Checkpoint Reached, then you can quit and next time just press Continue Coop Campaign
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