Question from TreWezzy

How do I pick weapons for each person loadouts ???

How do I pick loadouts for people to use like the one they do on Swat?

Flyextacy asked for clarification:

Im not sure i understand the question completely but ill try and help:

1. To make your own loadouts you hit start and go to your customization screen and you can create loadout by purchasing weapons and abilities.
2. When you play swat you are only allowed to choose between two predetermined classes, which is the dmr and magnum or battle rifle and magnum.
3. If your question is about creating a forge gametype and limiting players to a certain class type then im no use because i dont know the answer.


lilklaw answered:

Swat automatically has the loadouts in, so any other gamemodes unless its a custom gamemode, you are allowed to use any loadout you have created.
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