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Broken Terminals?

I've recent;y found a couple terminals in two different missions/levels and both have not been accessable. They just stay black and I can't use them. I checked waypoint and the videos they would've unlocked are not unlocked. Can anyone help me figure this out.

cimarronboy provided additional details:

These terminals are on the mission levels Infinity and Reclaimer. I have as yet to find the one in the mission level mindight so I don't know if that one will remain blank and inactive/inaccessable but all the others have been useable

cimarronboy provided additional details:

I followed a few sites and they all lead to the same terminals; The infinity one is right after joining the crew of unsc infinity and the reclaimer terminal is to the right of the elevator after getting cortana after the meeting with the librarian


Flyextacy answered:

Check to make sure you are at the correct terminals for the level. In other words there are terminals that dont give out information. Another way to check is load up a coop game and find the terminals. Your player 2 wont have the terminals yet so you can recollect them and itll pop for both characters. Check the internet to see if you are indeed in the right location on those two levels first. Hope this helps.
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