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Asked: 2 years ago

What time does the daily XP cap restart? US time

Im What time does the daily XP cap restart? US time. I'm wondering because I want to make sure to grind it out to max everyday before it restarts. Thanks!

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I'm not sure the exact time but if you look at the challenges and see what time the daily challenge runs out that's probably when it restarts.

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Here ill tell you how to get past the xp limit once you hit the limit simply go to system settings in your xbox and change your time zone to one many hours ahead of the current or behind you may however still have to wait based on how many hours you advance.

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Probly around the same time the daily challenges renew themselves, i live in the est timezone so its about 6:00 for me

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I've hit the daily limit twice now. They have reset for me at midnight eastern time.

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restart time very often same as Company's home zone time. so 343i headquarter are at Washington state

restart might at midnight PST, but i might wrong.

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