Question from Fossil_Fighter

Asked: 2 years ago

Does anyone have fotus armor there willing to trade?

I've been looking and I can't seem to find anyone with it. I have locust helmet, bulletproof emblem, halo 4 Xbox theme, FML avatar armor, and 14day Xbox live. Heck I'm willing to trade everything for in game fotus armor.

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Im getting Fotus for Christmas but I don't know if I am keeping it cuz I really want the Locus so I think we should stay in touch. Also this may sound stupid but im new to this but how to you post a question?

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Ill trade for fotus

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Hey people i have an fotus armor code all 4 codes are not used so if someone is intrested mail me at

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Hey guys I have Fotus armor! Looking to trade for Deadeye/Raptor skin!!

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