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Asked: 2 years ago

Exp Cap?

So i got exp capped today and i was wondering that if i change my time zone to like the next day will i beable to get exp again? And once i get exp capped again and change it back to my time zone and wait till the next day will i beable to get exp for that day?

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No as you should not be unable to do this if you are connected to the Internet. Even if you could, doing so would probably get you a temporary ban. There isn't really any point. Go watch football with your family or something.

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Even if you could change your time zone on your Xbox, it would not work because the Matchmaking is set to reset at a certain time in a certain time zone, i do not know, but i believe that it is either midnight or 2 o'clock pacific time, so no, sorry, but you have to wait the next day to gain Experience

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