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Bigfoot Achievement?

Kill 20 enemies using Mantis' stomp attack (20).

Since it didn't say "players" and when using the word "enemies", does it mean that you can get this achievement when using the stomp attack on either Promethians or Convenants from Spartan Ops/Campaign?

This also applies to other achievements that include the word "enemies" instead of "players".

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That is yet to be determined. The word choices 343i likes to use become vague. Like the Perfection challenge the other day, it didn't say that it had to be in the Slayer playlist but that is what they meant. So it could say enemies and actually mean "players" or it might be like you are asking and could be unlocked from Spartan Ops/Campaign. We'll find out soon.

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Its an achievement added with a map pack. Its only going to be obtainable in multiplayer.

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Agreed with Eachthighearn.
The achievement is added with a map pack and therefor obtainable in multiplayer only. The best map is shatter and is almost always voted for in the Crimson DLC playlist. I'm fairly certain it doesn't have to be in one game either so the achievement probably tracks your amount of stomp kills and once you get 20 you earn the achievent. This achievement was out in because I think most casual gamers were unaware the mantis could melee.

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silencewaters42 is right....20 mantis stomps and was probably put in cause of the fact that I never knew you could stomp Only available on levels included with the Crimson DLC!

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