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Anyone have Deadeye/Fotus armor codes? Willing to trade Open 5
Anyone wanna trade codes? Open 1
Are the Treminals active on easy? Open 1
Are these emblems in the game? Open 1
Armor unlock? Answered 3
Display emblem background? Open 1
Do armor specializations offer any bonuses? Open 4
Do i need to always be connected for MK6? Open 2
Do i need to be playing with Gold Xbox Live membership to get MK6 armor? Open 1
Does anyone know the exact formula for fast tracks exp gain? Unanswered 0
Free camera in theater mode? Answered 1
How can I get more xp? Open 3
How do i get the locus,deadeye,strider, and scanner helmets? Answered 1
How do you unlock the unicorn emblem? Open 6
How To Unlock EOD Shadow? Answered 3
I have locus helmet code up for trade any Fotus armor?!?!1 Open 5
Is there a forunner rocket launcher? Answered 3
Lost helmet, forever? Open 1
Man Cannon? Open 3
Multiplayer Unlocks? Answered 2
Perk list? Answered 2
Pre-order skins? Answered 3
Remove Flood Color? Answered 2
Specialization code from XBox? Open 1
What does the Promethean grenade does? Answered 4
What is the name of the background that goes with the recruit prime emblem? Open 1
What level do you have to be to unlock the wetwork and operator specialization classes? Answered 1
When do you unlock the Phoneix Emblem? Answered 1
Where can I find an assault rifle? Answered 3
Where can I find fotus armor code? Answered 3
Where can I find skulls to turn on/off? Open 3
Where is the 6 specializations they said we could use one the first day? Answered 6
Why can't I sprint when I play SWAT? Answered 1
Why cant i use my mark 6 armor? Open 1
Other Help status answers
?Achievements Answered 2
About XP? Open 1
Another Halo?? Answered 1
Anybody wanna trade? Open 2
Anybody willing to trade fotus armor for something? Open 4
Anyone have a fotus armor code, willing to pay or trade? Open 4
Anyone have specialization code? Open 1
Anyone willing to trade Fotus INGAME armor code? Unanswered 0
Are checkpoints disabled on legendary? Open 1
Best buy armor code? Open 1
Bigfoot Achievement with # Kills? Answered 1
Can I play co-op with only disk 1? Answered 1
Can you still elect to use an elite in the multiplayer? Open 5
Cant download other's creations? Open 1
Checking downloadable content stuck? Answered 1
DewXp Question? Answered 1
Does anyone have fotus armor there willing to trade? Open 4
Does multiplayer match you up with people of similar skill? Answered 2
Does the Gravity Hammer have a unique assassination? Answered 1
Download Forward Unto Dawn? Answered 4
Exp Cap? Open 2
Flood skins? Answered 2
Getting new armor? Open 5
Gungnir Pulse Armor? Open 1
Hail Mary? Answered 1
Halo 4 codes! Anyone wanna trade? Answered 2
Halo 4 is a 360 game, correct ? Answered 2
Halo 4 Specializations Code? Answered 1
Has anyone else not recieved thier achievement? Open 3
Hey anyone willing to trade spare codes for halo 4? Open 7
Hohoho ? Open 1
How do i add another team to grifball through forge? Open 2
How do I delete a game I created? Open 1
How do I pick weapons for each person loadouts ??? Open 1
How do I play the matches I have dbl xp for from mtn dew? Open 2
How do I unlock Assistant Master? Open 1
How Do I Unlock The Mark IV Helmet For Multiplayer? Answered 1
How do I unlock the stalker specialization? Open 1
How do you re-watch the Terminals? Open 4
How do you score points in Forge mode? Answered 3
How to Lower Weapon? Answered 1
I am in need of a Spec code ??? Answered 1
i am SR 54 and i cant level up past wetwork 4. can someone help? Answered 1
I was wondering if anyone would like to start a clan with me? Unanswered 0
Is it possible to see ALL the medals you have earned in Halo 4? Answered 1
Is there a special LEGENDARY ending for Halo 4 like the others had?? Answered 4
Location of Halo 4 Limited Edition War Games Map-Pass? Answered 3
Map Pass? Open 2
Midnight Launch? Open 2
Miniature Covenant Glitch? Answered 2
Missing specialization? Open 2
My pre-order items are gone? Open 8
Pulse armor code anybody? willing to trade spec code or ms points! Answered 1
Saving? Open 2
Seriosly only 5 questions about halo 4? Answered 8
Spartan Ops 1-5 playable? Answered 1
Spawn points are messed up on a forge map? Open 3
Specializations? Open 3
Strider and Scanner Helmets? Open 1
Swat? Answered 1
Theatre? Answered 1
Two players online on one system??? Answered 3
Voice chat problem in Halo 4(Xbox360)? Unanswered 0
What is a specialization rank? Open 1
What is the second disc used for that comes with the regular version of Halo 4? Answered 5
What matchmaking game types are there? Open 1
What Now? Answered 1
What playlists were the DLC maps moved to? Open 1
What time does the daily XP cap restart? US time Open 5
What's up the the killcams? Answered 1
When can we expect the developer to dig their heads out of their butts and make this game good? Open 2
Where can I look up the challenges? Open 3
Why aren't the specialisations aren't appearing? Open 7
Why can't I get past Level SR70? Answered 1
Why can't I save my progress in multiplayer campaign? Open 2
Will the Spartan Ops "Find Game Function be available after the Infinity Challenge Ends? Open 1
Will you play halo 4 with me? Unanswered 0

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