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Does anyone else think that by ditching bungie and making this game 343 studios...? 0
Is it a controller issue or is it Halo 4? 0
Voice chat problem in Halo 4(Xbox360)? 0
What do you think is the hardest Halo level ever to do on legendary solo? 0
About XP? 1
Anybody wanna trade? 2
Anybody willing to trade fotus armor for something? 4
Anyone have a fotus armor code, willing to pay or trade? 4
Anyone have specialization code? 1
Anyone willing to trade Fotus INGAME armor code? 1
Are checkpoints disabled on legendary? 1
Best buy armor code? 1
Can you still elect to use an elite in the multiplayer? 5
Cant download other's creations? 1
Does anyone have fotus armor there willing to trade? 4
Exp Cap? 2
Getting new armor? 5
Gungnir Pulse Armor? 1
Has anyone else not recieved thier achievement? 4
Hey anyone willing to trade spare codes for halo 4? 7
Hohoho ? 1
How do i add another team to grifball through forge? 2
How do I delete a game I created? 1
How do I pick weapons for each person loadouts ??? 1
How do I play the matches I have dbl xp for from mtn dew? 2
How do I unlock Assistant Master? 1
How do I unlock the stalker specialization? 1
How do you re-watch the Terminals? 4
I was wondering if anyone would like to start a clan with me? 1
Map Pass? 2
Midnight Launch? 2
Missing specialization? 2
My pre-order items are gone? 8
Saving? 2
Spawn points are messed up on a forge map? 3
Specializations? 3
Strider and Scanner Helmets? 1
What are some guns that can help me with the promethians? 1
What do you think is the hardest Halo level ever to do on legendary solo? 1
What is a specialization rank? 1
What matchmaking game types are there? 1
What playlists were the DLC maps moved to? 1
What time does the daily XP cap restart? US time 5
When can we expect the developer to dig their heads out of their butts and make this game good? 2
Where can I look up the challenges? 3
Why aren't the specialisations aren't appearing? 7
Why can't I save my progress in multiplayer campaign? 3
Will the Spartan Ops "Find Game Function be available after the Infinity Challenge Ends? 1
Will you play halo 4 with me? 1

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