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How can we profit from the stock market?

What action can we do to profit from investment in the stock market in GTA V ?

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vjay8088 answered:

Stocks correspond to companies active throughout San Andreas. All companies have a physical presence somewhere. If you disrupt the company the stock will go down, and over time it will rise back. Example: GoPostal has trucks that drive around Los Santos and a main building downtown. If you attack the trucks, the price should drop, and you can buy stock cheaply. Wait for a while and price will rebound. Then you can sell for a profit.
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KylesDad7 answered:

Well I picked the stock that has the highest down turn (red numbers) bought as much as I could and then just wait for it to start going higher. I've only done this once, (currently it's still climbing) but the profit I've made so far is about 1K.
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iceycoldfire answered:

There are missions from lester that let you manipulate the stock market, i invested 400k and made 260k.
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derkasan answered:

There are two different stocks in GTA V: BAWSAQ and LCN. The general rule of thumb is to buy low, sell high, and assassinate when possible. Here's the guide I've been using:
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Eleckzar answered:

Invest in Augury Insurance, maximum amount. Go to the top of Rockford Plaza, get a wanted level. Shoot down helicopters. After you die, the stock should rise. I shot down 10 choppers and shares were going for 500 a piece.
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Titmaster321 answered:

Deboinare invests the most ive bought so many houses. I did it on all my characters money
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