Question from whiteedge

Asked: 1 year ago

How do you collect weekly income?

I bought the McKenzie field property using trevor and i get mail every week that says my weekly income for my property is 12,000 but the money is never added to trevor account. so do you collect that money somewhere?

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From: WalterCorsi8 1 year ago

It automatically transfers to your account in the end of the week

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I think you have to go to the property itself to collect.

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WalterCorsi8 is correct. If you check your bank statement, you'll see the transfer listed.

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You will also get an email at the end of the week detailing your income from properties. This includes payments you have already received, like from doing Trevor's gun-running missions at the airfield. Some properties may give you zero income in a week, such as those that require you to do missions (like the airfield and the towing lot) or if you fail to complete a random property mission.

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