Question from vguyver

How do I get past (dom mission)?

How do i on top of the building to do one of dom missions?

vguyver provided additional details:

Where can i find a helicopter at i can't find one ??????


KylesDad7 answered:

You need to use a helicopter. There's a landing pad on top of the building.
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LordKirby103 answered:

The easiest way to get a chopper is this:

After you do Dom's first mission it unlocks the parachute missions on the map. Look for one of these in the Vespucci Marina in the south-west, and go to it - there is a chopper waiting to take you on the mission. Shoot the pilot or hold Y (don't tap it, it will start the parachute mission) to steal the chopper. It respawns whenever you leave the area.
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Crazyman93 answered:

Failing that, you can parachute onto the building from a jet. Then you can be more hardcore than Dom.
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Enkaiichi answered:

I found a few Helicopters, A buzzard by the South Elysian docks. (gives 4 wanted rating). I found another with an Ambulance theme on top of one of the hospitals. (two were on the roof).

I just took a parachute, stole a fighter jet, hit max altitude and fell to the roof of the Maze Bank Arena. xD
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